Staying Grounded

As we know, this time of year is a really overwhelming time for our mob. We’re reposting some tips over the next few days to reminds us of ways to keeps us grounded and connected, and of where we can draw energy from during really difficult times.
Remember to take care of yourself, your loved ones and do what you can to conserve your energy.

Staying Grounded – Tip #1

Spend time being around mob and your family and connecting with your community. Call a loved one, send them a message, or have a physically distant (but connected) cuppa.

Staying Grounded – Tip #2

Check in with yourself and be conscious of your own emotional wellbeing.
Remember to stop and check in with how you’re feeling. Do things that support your emotional wellbeing. Maybe that’s drawing, picking up the guitar, dancing, singing, cooking a yummy meal, watching your fave film or simply sitting and being.

Staying grounded – Tip #3

If you can, go out on Country or do what you need to do to connect to your spirit.
If you can’t go out on Country, go for a walk, take your shoes off and connect to the Country you are on.

Staying Grounded – Tip #4

Be mindful with your energy — take time away from social media or conversations that may drain you.
Remember to forget about the pressure of being active on social media. It’s not always your responsibility to post, comment or share. Try not to read the comments section. Take a social media break or follow pages that uplift you and give you energy and don’t drain you.

Staying Grounded – Tip #5

You do you — It’s not your responsibility to educate or explain if you don’t want to.
Remember to reach out for support:

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