Our Staff


Koorie Youth Council is the representative body for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people in Victoria. Our Staff are made up of passionate advocates and we value the diversity and strength of young people as decision-makers.

Our Staff are guided by our Executive of 15 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people and our state-wide network. We advocate to government and community to advance the rights and representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people.

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Bonnie Dukakis (she/her)

Executive Officer

Leyla Quartermaine (she/her)

Deputy Executive Officer

Bryce Taylor (he/him)

Participation and Development Coordinator

Hope Kuchel (she/her)

Senior Project Officer – Youth Justice Voice Initiative

Dylan Murphy-Pettit (he/him)

Marram Nganyin Youth Mentoring Program Officer
Wakka Wakka & Wemba Wemba

Koby Sellings (he/him)

Community Engagement Facilitator
Gunai Kurnai

Jadalyn David De Busch (she/her)

Office Coordinator

Malika Kirby (she/her)

Office Assistant
Wemba Wemba & Gunai Kurnai

Maya Hodge (she/her)

Communications Officer
Lardil & Yangkaal

Zach Smith (he/him)

Policy and Advocacy Officer

Yalanda Edwards (she/her)

Regional Youth Engagement Officer Barwon South-West
WaddaWurrung, Gunditjmara & Arrernte 

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