Ngaga-DJI is a call to action

The stories you will read in Ngaga-dji are the voices of Aboriginal children around Victoria. The stories they share with you are from the heart, they are about love, trauma, strength, discrimination and healing. They are about justice and equality. Children are telling their stories because we need a state where Aboriginal children can thrive in their culture and communities. These children are telling their stories because they trust us to listen and take action.

Following the stories, Ngaga-dji outlines our vision for a Victoria that enables Aboriginal children to thrive. Based on the voices of children from around the state, as well as expert knowledge, this Ngaga-dji is our hope to create better lives for Aboriginal children and their communities. We can ensure the pain expressed in these stories is not felt by another generation of our community.

For printed copies of the Ngaga-dji report, please contact


The Koorie Youth Council is monitoring action from the Victorian Government, opposition and the community services sector on the asks in the Ngaga-dji report. Each of these changes is a step towards the Ngaga-dji vision of a Victoria where all Aboriginal children are supported to thrive with community-designed and led supports. We’ve achieved change on the following asks:

These changes have been achieved through advocacy from many Aboriginal community members and organisations. The Koorie Youth Council acknowledges this work and is proud to be part of the collective advocacy that have helped make these changes a reality.


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