Marram Nganyin welcome packs featuring deadly artwork by Nakia Cadd

The Marram Nganyin Youth Mentoring team have been putting together deadly welcome packs for young mob in the programs. The tote bag features artwork by Nakia Cadd, Gunditjmara, Yorta Yorta, Dja Dja Wurrung, Boon Wurrung and Bunitj artist, who created the artwork illustrating what mentoring means to her.

“This artwork depicts our mob harnessing generations of strength, resilience and knowledge. Mentoring has been taking place in our communities for generations. It was carried out by our Elders, who shared invaluable knowledge, wisdom and insight.

I’ve used the gathering circles to represent our many communities, with the white lines linking to reflect connections to place, people and community. The fists depict diversity, action, and strength of First Nations people past and present. It’s front and centre, just as it should be. It emphasises that it’s important to have our voices at the forefront, addressing matters regarding the future of our communities.”

Marram Nganyin supports five Aboriginal organisations to deliver youth programs in their communities.

Learn more about the Marram Nganyin program.

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