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Last updated 16 September 2020

There are restrictions that we must follow to keep ourselves and our communities safe. Police can give large fines if you don’t follow the restrictions below. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest restrictions, as they have been changing quickly.

Face Coverings

Across Victoria, we must all wear a mask or face covering when we leave our home (there are only some exceptions.) Contact VAHS and VACCHO if you need one or you want to learn more about them.

Melbourne metropolitan – Stage 4 restrictions

You must stay within 5km from your home with only some exceptions and can only leave home for four reasons between 5am to 9pm:

  • Shopping for food and essential items. Only one person in your household once a day. If you are unable to leave home alone, because a young child or at-risk person would be at home unattended, they can go with you. If the nearest goods and services is more than 5km away, you may travel beyond 5km to the nearest provider.
  • Exercise outside for only two hours per day and only with one other person or your household within 5km from your homes.
  • Medical treatment, health services, and care giving (e.g. caring for sick relatives).
  • Permitted work, but only if it cannot be done from home. There is a selection of work types that are currently allowed to leave home for work.
  • People who live alone or are single parents can create a ‘single person bubble’. This means they can choose one person to visit. If you live in metropolitan Melbourne you can only form a bubble with someone who is also living in metropolitan Melbourne. If the person you choose to be in your bubble lives with other people, you can only visit if they are at home alone. Single parents with children who cannot be left alone will be allowed to include the dependants in the bubble.

You must stay at home from 9pm to 5am every night.

If your work shifts mean you are out of your home during curfew, you will need a permit from your boss. You can leave home if there is an emergency. You can also leave home if there is family violence, or violence by another person in the home, and you are at risk. If you are stopped by police, tell them you are feeling unsafe at home and they will help you. Safe accommodation and support for family violence is available.

safe steps 1800 015 188 Available 24 hours/7 days

Djirra 1800 105 303 Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm

Regional Victoria, including Mitchell Shire & Geelong region

Regional Victoria have moved into a different stage of restrictions. 

For details of what restrictions are in place visit VACCHO.


Last updated 16 September 2020

Up to date restriction info

Remember to stay up to date – as this info is constantly changing!

Keeping our mob healthy and safe

What is Coronavirus (COVID-19)? What are the symptoms and ways we can keep our communities safe?

Ways to keep ourselves connected and grounded

It is a stressful time and can feel overwhelming. Remember that you are not alone and there is support out there. Here are some ways to keep strong and healthy during this challenging time:

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