Update from the KYC team

02.04.20 SHARE

Update from the KYC team

Koorie Youth Council

We are sending our love and thoughts to all of our Elders, families, communities and people during this uncertain time. As we draw strength from our Elders and Ancestors, we remember the strength and resilience of our people, and the 80,000 years of culture and traditions on this land, knowing that our Ancestors are with us always. 


Staying connected 

Connecting to our community, culture and country keeps us strong and healthy in mind, body spirit. But during this time, staying connected to what keeps us well, is challenging and we have to be more creative now to enable us to keep strong for ourselves and our communities.


Remember there are things that we can do to keep ourselves strong:

  • Check in with your Elders and community.
  • Stay connected with each other over the internet or phone and check out the deadly online events where mob are connecting.
  • Write letters to your loved ones.
  • Take a break from the internet and follow positive social channels to uplift ourselves!
  • Connect to country, if possible or the country that you are on – if you can’t go outside, visualise or meditate being on country and listen to the land that surrounds us..
  • Eat, exercise and sleep well.
  • Get creative and express yourself! Dance, listen to deadly First Nations artists, paint, draw, or weave.

When we continue to connect with each other even through physical distancing, to country and culture we are keeping our communities strong. Remember to stay home and keep our mob safe.