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Koorie Youth Council

The KYC team are giving ourselves one challenge to get us through this uncertain time. To focus our energy on what we can control and ways we can keep strong and healthy for ourselves and for our communities.

Connecting to our communities, cultures and country keeps us strong and healthy in mind, body, spirit.

What ways can we connect to ourselves, to our community, culture and country during this time?

“I’m challenging myself to read while I’m staying home. I think it’s particularly important to acknowledge our traditional ways of healing and medicine during these times. I also challenge myself to think of one thing I’m grate for everyday.”

Leyla Quartermaine, Ballardong-Noongar, KYC’s Marram Nganyin Project Officer


“I want to learn Yorta Yorta language whilst self-isolating during this period. The Dhungala (Murray River) gives me so much strength that I want to build upon that knowing and becoming more proficient in my language.”

Douglas Briggs, Yorta Yorta/Wurundjeri, KYC’s Policy & Advocacy Officer


As we share our team’s challenges, we invite you to join us and share your #KYCchallenge. Tag us on Facebook or Instagram and invite a friend to set a challenge so we can learn to grow in new ways.

As we share our challenges and grow together, we honour our old ways, continuing in the footsteps of our ancestors and creating the footsteps for those that come after us.